This website contains information about Delegate Carroll Foy’s legislative record during her tenure in the Virginia House of Delegates. Each of the 12 points has been researched and linked with further references for readers who want to take a closer look at what she has supported over the past two years.

The Record

Jennifer Carroll Foy – 12 Points

 Radical on Abortion – Carroll Foy has sponsored the egregious bill authored by Kathy Tran (D), which would allow for an abortion to take place up until the point of birth. Tran has even admitted that it would “allow” for an abortion even when a woman is going into labor when questioned. Not only do 75% of Americans disapprove of allowing abortion up to the third trimester, a vast majority of women and Democrats who describe themselves as pro-life agree with this sentiment. Sponsoring this bill is a radical move that is out of line with Democrats, women, and Americans’ views on abortion.

 Supports Sanctuary Cities – Carroll Foy has consistently voted against bills that would safeguard against the establishment of sanctuary cities and protect immigrant communities and Virginia residents. As the nation has been continually experiencing over the last 4 years, sanctuary city policies serve to protect criminal offenders and prevent justice from being done to perpetrators of violent crimes.

In an incident this past March, it was discovered that Carlos Carranza, who was responsible for the murder of Bambi Larson, “could have been turned over six times” to federal authorities, but had those requests denied due to Santa Clara County’s sanctuary city policies.

And in a tragic incident in September of 2016, two young girls, one 16 years old and the other just 15, were brutally murdered with baseball bats and machetes by illegal immigrants who were part of the MS-13 gang and residing in a New York sanctuary city. The county’s status as a sanctuary city only empowers MS-13 according to a local community protection group.

Delegate Carroll Foy’s failure to oppose bills prohibiting sanctuary cities potentially leads to the situation in Montgomery County, MD. Just 2 months ago in Montgomery County County Executive Marc Elrich signed an executive order which effectively ended all local government cooperation with federal immigration agencies. Since then, their local police departments have arrested seven undocumented immigrants connected to sex crimes, one case involving an 11-year old girl. Delegate Carroll Foy has voted against bills which would prevent situations such as this from occurring in Prince William County and Stafford County. Ironically, harboring undocumented immigrants is victimizing the immigrant communities – the very communities the Democrats believe they are protecting with “sanctuary city” policies.

Virginia residents and immigrant communities do not need to have the lives of their family members and the safety of their communities put at risk due to the reckless voting habits of our county’s delegates.

Supporter of the Green New Deal – Carroll Foy is a sponsor of Virginia’s “Green New Deal”, which was introduced to Virginia after U.S. House representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recklessly proposed it to the country. It was most notable for its memorandum to “get rid of farting cows”, as well as being estimated to cost up to $93 trillion dollars according to a nonpartisan study. Modeling a bill after Cortez’s immature proposal is an embarrassment to Virginians and is incredibly careless for our legislator to endorse.

Wants Criminals to Have It Easy – Carroll Foy has consistently introduced bills that would make it easier to be a criminal. Her bills include efforts for individuals to face fewer consequences for committing grand larceny and reducing the punishment for being a repeat offender of petit larceny. Carroll Foy also disregards theft when committed under certain meteorological conditions as nothing but crimes of “being cold”. Carroll Foy is not protecting residents of Prince William County, she is not protecting the businesses in Prince William County, and she is not upholding the law, she is placing them all at risk and making it easier for the perpetrators to get off scot-free.

Will Impair the Ability of Women to Prosper – Carroll Foy is the Chief-Patron of HJ579, also known as the ERA bill. This is a reintroduction of a bill first popularized in the 1970s that operates under the pretense of equality and fairness but, in reality, would hurt the welfare of women by denying them special privileges and work place protections. The amendment would also harm a woman’s ability to receive alimony and would mandate that all women be subject to conscription. Promotion of the bill also serves as an underhanded way to enshrine unlimited and unrestricted abortions into the Constitution, something that is not supported by a majority of all Americans. Moreover, the ratification date for the amendment ran out in 1982, meaning that her proposal of the bill is purely for purposes of vanity and symbolic virtue signaling.

Consistently Anti-Gun – Carroll Foy has been consistently against the gun rights of Virginians as is reflected in her 0% pro-gun rating from the NRA in 2017, as well as another 0% rating from the Virginia Citizens Defense League in 2018. Our country was founded on securing the natural right of all citizens to be armed and to be able to defend themselves. Infringing on this right is against the spirit of the founding and the rights of the residents in Prince William County.

 Will Place Students in Danger – Carroll Foy has made it a personal endeavor to write and sponsor bills that would place Virginia students in danger by both placing restrictions on and eliminating the requirements for school principals to report misdemeanor offenses and other assault and battery incidents to local law enforcement. This would deny law enforcement to be thoroughly notified of any criminal records or alarming characters within our schools.

The most notable instance of the failure of a school administration to report crimes that occurred on school grounds comes from Broward County and the devasting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting. As an article in the Sun Sentinel noted, “Had school administrators reported every crime that actually happened at Stoneman Douglas, it might have raised an alarm that safety was a concern, said April Schentrup, whose daughter Carmen was killed in the Feb. 14 massacre at the school.”

Not only does Carroll Foy’s policy proposal undermine vital reporting statistics, it denies parents the right to know that their child will be attending a school where they will be physically safe. Students who are disruptive, have a record of violence and criminal behavior, and prevent the educational experience of others should not have their criminal activity whitewashed from official statistics and reports.

Doesn’t Believe in Merit – In a revealing move, Carroll Foy voted against HB2791, which would make all tenured positions in the government as well as all appointments and promotions based solely on merit and fitness to the position. Her rejection of merit – an objectively based and neutral system centered around skill and caliber – would suggest that nepotism or patronage are worth more in Carroll Foy’s judgement. Faithfully and competently realizing one’s chosen career deserves the highest recognition over the degree of favoritism they wield over a prejudiced actor.

Wants a Bigger Educational Bureaucracy – Carroll Foy is a co-patron of HB711, which would establish a new body of government bureaucracy to meddle in our state’s school systems. Not only would this increase the red tape involved in decision making, but it would also deny local control of school policies. The families that are on the ground and connected with their individual schools know best what they want out of the education for their children, not a bureaucrat who is miles away from their community. Carroll Foy has also voted against HB2570, which would allow more clarity and choice between parents and their school’s Family Life programs that their child is being exposed to. To date, her legislative behavior suggests that she will make schools unsafe and make government oversight on education more of a bureaucratic slog that employs cunning methods to achieve policy ends.

Supports No Excuse Absentee Voting – Carroll Foy is a sponsor of bill HB57, which would allow all voters to vote absentee in any election. Participation in a free society and our democratic way of life requires effort and active participation. Those who vote should prepare and do their due diligence if they want to participate in our community, not stay in their homes and be removed from that activity and the rest of our locality. Civil society does not get a free pass, and our community deserves to have the voices of those most engaged be heard and not silenced out by the uninvolved.

Hyper Partisan – Carroll Foy only has Democratic party interests in mind. 80% of all of the bills she has sponsored have been introduced by Democrats, while 97% of all of those who have sponsored her bills have also been Democrats according to RichmondSunlight. Virginia’s many interests and voters deserve to be represented over Carroll Foy’s preferred system of one-party rule.

Wants an Environmental Bureaucracy – Carroll Foy has devoted much of her time writing bills and sponsoring legislation for the purpose of what is deemed “Environmental Justice.” According to her policy proposals, this “justice” will entail the creation of an extra layer of government bureaucracy as necessitated by the establishment of an “environmental justice advisory council” to develop and implement regulatory laws, as well as forcing the closure of various CCR units along the Chesapeake Bay, which would shift the problem of dumping waste elsewhere in our state rather than actually solve the problem. The health of the environment is an important focus for debate, but imprudent policies will only protract any issues we currently face and exacerbate problems in the long run.